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Anomma Ants

Anomma Ants


This precious piece of art is born from the cooperation between Ilenia Corti for Vernissage and artist Marzia Migliora, who had the chance to work together for “Tanatosi” project, exposed at Merz foundation in Turin. The artist has created six artworks expressly for the Foundation’s space, from installations to videos, defining a path where the lead is perception and the use of all senses.

The idea for this bracelet comes from the animated video Anomma (eyeless), where the main character is an Anomma Nigrican, one ant from a species who lack one of the main senses: the sight. Those insects only use their antennae for orientating and communicating purposes. The bracelet’s arrangement recalls a daily situation in the life of these ants: when they cross a river or climb down a tree they cling to each other with nails and pincers, in a festoon-like formation, building a living bridge with their bodies and allowing the rest of the colony to walk on it.

ANOMMA BRACELET is a unique work of art, made with the precious contribution of expert goldsmiths.

Marzia Migliora


Marzia Migliora illustration

Anomma Ants bracelet
925 silver with enamel and diamonds

Anomma Ants necklace
925 pink silver with enamel and diamonds


Anomma Ants leaves earrings
925 silver and enamel