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“Attendiamo Amore”

“Attendiamo Amore”


“Humans were once perfect beings, needing nothing, with no distinction between men and women. But Zeus, envious of such perfection, cut them in two: since then, each of us constantly searches their own other half, and by finding it, returns to the ancient perfection…”

Plato, Symposium 385 – 370 ca. B.C .

“We are born from an ancient separation, and we cannot take our eyes off it. Our whole personal history is based on this division. We are aware of being somehow incomplete ever before Love brings us to our primeval other half. Therefore we wait for Love, the only force that can make us whole and take us again to that “fullness of which each intercourse is a memory, an attempt and a defeat”

Umberto Galimberti, 1992

The collection, for the first time unisex, is developed around these two emotional nodes: love and pain, perfection and incompleteness. Our original division becomes the subject of our interest: this is the concept behind these 24 kt gold creations made by outstanding goldsmiths in Valenza (Italy).

When Love finally arrives, our perspective changes. Let’s imagine we can celebrate it with a veritable elegy of gold and enamel flowers, entwining hearts half hidden amongst golden snakes and phalluses (the symbols of intercourse, the ultimate expression of the union of two bodies).

Trying to translate these feelings into allegories, each jewel represents a different emotional state, and those who look at it can find themselves in it – either as the person they are today, or as a memory of one of their past innermost feelings.



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My heart is yours necklace

925 silver, enamel






 Vanitas rings



The book of love/sorrow rings


Limbo rings


Lustful ring





 Paradise necklace




Paradise bracelet




Limbo cuff bracelet




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on Vogue magazine