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Fauna Decay_VIDEO

Produced by: VernissageProject
Direction: Daniele Tribi, Ilenia Corti, Matteo Mena
Screenplay: Ilenia Corti
Director of Photography: Daniele Tribi
Editing and post-production: Daniele Tribi, with Matteo Mena and Ilenia Corti
Clothing: long black dress by Rochas, flowery print dress by Rochas, black wool bonnet by Rochas, black shoes by Rochas, vintage boy scout uniforms, blackbird costume and masks by VernissageProject
Jewels: Vernissage Fauna Decay collection 2011
Sofia (Iori’s eyes): the good blackbird, the symbol of the current times and the fear of the present moment
Mara Cassiani: the bad blackbird, symbol of man and destruction
Otto Ascani Cassiani: the baby, symbol of future and hope
Lorenza Braghieri: the dreamer, symbol of the indifference of Man who does not react to the catastrophe
The five blackbirds: Andrea Fuscaldo, Clod (Iori’s eyes), Donato Nereo, Giuseppe Ventrella, Vincenzo Grasso
Music: Iori’s Eyes song Anchor
Special thanks to: Marco Zanini for Rochas, Diane Pernet, Barneys, Santagostino fine art jewellery Karla8, Studionext, Isastella Corbara Sartori , Fcf foto, Saphary Deluxe, Enrico De Candia, Parco del Ticino, Carnaby shop Milan, Matteo Ascani, Paola Sorrentino, Dorian , and everyone who has been supporting us

In the new Vernissage video, dreamlike images and metaphors combine to express the theme of the recent Fauna Decay jewellery collection. A woman falls asleep and becomes the powerless spectator of a dream: she perceives the nearly clairvoyant conscience of the animal world as an eternal state of threat and conflict with mankind. Nature is growing more and more vulnerable when facing man’s blind selfishness, but it finds ways to express its rebellion. In the dream, a blackbird-woman wanders in a daze through the woods: her baby bird has been kidnapped by another heartless female blackbird. Five males of her species help her in her search for her missing baby, who is then found hidden in a hole that glistens with jewels — but suddenly the woman, the symbol of the powerless eye of mankind, wakes up and discovers she has been turned into a blackbird by a spell. She will never know what happened to the stolen baby bird: the fledgling is the symbol of the future, but he is a prisoner of human nature. The movie leaves us no sense of closure about his destiny.