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Imperial Moth

Imperial Moth


the imperial moth collection celebrates that nasty little creature that eats holes in your favorite cashmere sweater. Don’t see the moth as a destructive force, Instead, see the insect as an artisan who expertly transforms matter into an inimitable piece of art.

It’s like finding a meaning in the doodling of a tiny vulnerable creatureand valorising it. It is a tribute to how smallthings are often most enchanting.



Portrait of Dasha MGMT by Oskar Cecere


Imperial Moth ring
925 pink silver with enamel and diamonds

ART 65C Vernissage imperial moth necklace with GREY enamel and diams

Imperial Moth necklace
925 silver with enamel and diamonds

3 Flux Magazine shot by Pier Paolo Cariglia Style and concept by ellen mirck

on Flux magazine


Imperial Moth ring with nutshell
925 black silver with enamel and diamonds

7 a forest pic by sara mautone

Sara Mautone picture


Imperial Moth bracelet
925 pink silver with enamel and diamonds