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The Firefly Collector

The Firefly Collector


The eternal fight of light versus darkness. The original one. Nature vs artificial, a pitch black night broken by the vague light of fireflies dancing away. These small fragile creatures pulsing in the dark give the inspiration for the new September 2011 Vernissage collection. A tribute to almost extinct creatures.

The story tells of an old fisherman sitting on his wooden chair beside the lake, waiting for his eternal beloved, vanished in the woods in search of fireflies to capture the light. But the girl has turned into a firefly and he kills her without being aware of the gesture. Since then, the old man, mad for love, wanders through the woods in search of fireflies, their vague light.
Fireflies in burnished silver and precious stones with touches of fluorescent enamel that lights only in the dark, only for those who can catch them…




Articulated firefly pendant
925 brown silver with diamonds



Articulated firefly ring
925 pink silver with enamel



Articulated fireflies bracelet
925 pink silver with enamel and diamonds



Articulated firefly earrings
925 pink silver and enamel