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Through Albino Eyes

Through Albino Eyes


Like chapters from a book, Vernissage jewellery tells a new story each season, and gives artists the chance to interpret it through their own vision, work and art, turning it into beautiful and original collaborations.

Multifaceted artist from NY’s Brooklyn scene, Scout Paré-Phillips

The artist interprets the recent collection “Through albino eyes” by means of some ironic and grotesque self-portraits inspired by albino moods, shades and colors. Albino animals are very rare in nature, and man has been fascinated by these creatures since ancient times. Some cultures regard albinos as sacred animals, and they often became the basis of great legends and folklore.

new Vernissage collaboration is a tribute to the incredible uniqueness of albinism.


VERNISSAGE jewellery + Scout Parè-Phillips

vernissage albino art 72e

Albino dead nature ring
925 pink silver, enamel, diamonds


Albino imperial moths necklace
925 pink silver, enamel, diamonds



Articulated firefly ring
925 pink silver with rubies eyes